Study—Defining a successful company

A study of the factors that go into making the 0.00001% (at max) of the companies that are classified as highly successful are presented below.


1 →  Profitability —  no deviations from a profit motive

2 →  Customer focused innovation — it is not innovative unless it has buyer perceived value

3 →  Productivity  —   faster & cheaper than the competitors

4 →  Quality  —   don’t do it again approach

5 →  Adaptability  —   what was, is never a future given

6 →  Offerings marketed with pizzazz without overstating capabilities  —  avoid boring & getting caught


The aforementioned success characteristics are never implemented as a fixed procedure because they represent an unassailable challenge to procedural standardization. Instead, they are accomplished by a management team that uncompromisingly and continuously reemphasizes the six success objectives.


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Note:         highly successful .    significant profit margin and increase in market share

                  Successful ………..   profitable and no significant degradation in market share

                  marginal …………..    market share declining but still profitable

                  troubled …………..     unprofitable

Success is a focus




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