eDeshields introduction

Ed Deshields is the principal owner and resource of eDeShields Group. Ed has in excess of 35 years architecting highly successful company and vendor solutions in the P&C segment. These endeavors took the eDeShields, Inc principal participant into the areas of:


  Client Marketing (focused on increasing market share)

  Automation Productivity (how to increase quantity and at the same time increase quality)

  Profitability Forecasting (what works and what should cause concern in the future)


The P&C internals areas in which there is eDeShields exposure include: commercial and personal policy issuance and rating, claims, billing, reinsurance, client management and marketing, management information, fraud detection, statistical reporting, call centers, and actuarial analysis and rate development. This exposure includes in excess of 100 projects in 7 different countries.


Recently Ed has focused on rule based (AKA artificial intelligence) productivity solutions and has achieved productivity levels in excess of 50 times the norm in this area.


Ed has worked for two major P&C vendors and a large insurance company. The impact of his work is software and services sales in the range of 100 million to 1 billion dollars  —  the amount varies depending on how you value initiation and how much you factor in the copycats.


Ed has a large group of experienced resources to call on when needed. If we can help you achieve success email us at:  info@eDeShields.com


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