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The most important thing for valuing a P&C system is the return on investment (ROI) calculated by an insurance company utilizing the software. The theoretical methods of determining pre and post ownership TOC can be argued; but the actual (key word) cost of a production system is relatively easy to calculate with the information available.

 You will have to include at least 2 years of results for a new system to correctly value the decrease in expenses and increase in premiums versus costs (ROI). As far as existing systems , you focus on determining if continuing modifications permit an acceptable decrease in expenses and increase in premiums. When an existing system no longer provides a ROI in a standard or upswing market it is time to look internally and externally for improvements.

 Some systems never show an ROI which is an indication that the developers and/or vendor were not in sync with senior management business objectives at the beginning of the development cycle. That can be said with a great deal of certainty because you will not find senior executives that have an objective of losing money.

The eDeShields, Inc. consulting services are targeted at assisting P&C insurance companies in building an ROI with their automaton projects. Our consulting service specialties are:

1 Senior management automation project initiation plan development (1 to 3 month project)

2   Mid-level management focus on achievement of automated profitability in P&C (1 to 3 months)

3   Productivity focused rule based intelligent solutions (approach & length dictated by the problem)

In summary, all of our consulting services have a focus on leaving behind a success path. If you are interested in success email us at:

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